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Sensitizing training: Keyserve Kft. and MelorIT Kft.

On 22nd November 2013, we introduced the IT-sector’s two competing company’s co-workers to the special needs of handicapped people and to the everyday life of our service dogs. We think that it is highly important to spread the concept of equal opportunities and tolerance among services as well. Out of the partners of Keyserve Kft. and MelorIT Kft. there are such things as industry, financial sector, administration, telecommunication and media representatives, who as we hope will forward the message of our training (eg. importance of clear, barrier-free websites).

Our presenters: Loványi Eszter and her hearing dog Kuku, Mali Era and her therapy dog Joya, Mányik Richárd and his service dog Cooper.

Kuku_kép1 Cooper_kép1