Service dog / disabled sports show
When we get invited to present service dog shows, our aim is to reach to a more diverse target audience, that is why we try our best to make the most of the event with professional appearance and equipment, that is why after the show we are usually approached by many people, who are interested in getting more information about us.

The reason why we do these type of shows: the spectacular and eventful shows attract a lot of people, nevertheless the transportation and set-up of the equipment is more complicated and our financial options are limited (travel expenses), that is why with the elimination of these issues we will be able to reach to a more diverse target audience.

The locations of our programs:
2013.08.09. Sziget Fesztivál, Budapest

2013.08.10. Sziget Fesztivál, Budapest

2013.09.07. Regionális MERI Sportnapok, Veszprém

2013.09.14. XXII. Wekerlei Napok, Budapest

2013.09.21. V. Dózsakerti Családi Nap, Tatabánya

2013.09.27. IX. Elfogadás Napja, Mosonmagyaróvár

2013.10.05. Állatok Világnapja, Rex Kutyaotthon, Budapest

2013.11.14. MVM Élménynap 2013, Millenáris Park “B” épülete, Budapest