Our awareness programs at workplaces

Our primary goal for the potential co-worker is to sensitize them, improve their willingness to accept the handicapped and reduce the amount of negative discrimination.
This training is based on personal experience, therefore we familiarize participants with the lifestyle and the usage of basic equipment of the visually- and hearing-impaired individuals, and also of those living with disabilities.
With the help of personal life experiences, our presenters emphasize that it is possible to do meaningful jobs despite their handicap.
The introduction of service dogs usually strengthens the positive approach.
The achievable positive changes of the target audience group:
- introduction to the most important concepts of the changes of being visually- or hearing-impaired or disabled
- personal experience of the difficulties of those living with handicap, their used equipments
- what it means to have a clear workplace without barriers for the visually- or hearing-impaired or disabled
The reason why we do this type of program: our handicapped presenters highlight with authenticity the importance of equal opportunities and the fact that they are capable of doing meaningful jobs (eg. disabled customer service worker, hearing-impaired project manager). Through the presentation of our Organization and themselves, they demonstrate exemplary information on the work options of those living with disability (eg. we train our own dogs, moreover most of the handicapped owner’s carrier is successful).

The location of our program:

2013.11.18. – Tihany Benedictine Abbey

2013.11.22.  Keyserve Kft.
2013.11.22.  MelorIT Kft.
2014.03.13. Auchan