After our shows and sensitizing trainings we usually get different types of feedbacks on our work. In the following section these feedbacks will be presented.

A summary on a school’s website:

The form master’s class on the 9th of December was special for several reasons. We were visited by four members of the NEO Hungarian Assistance Dog Association. Two wheelchair users as well as a hearing- and a visually impaired individual introduced us to their lifestyle and the dogs’ role in their lives. We can not put in words how interesting, elevating and sometimes moving it was to get to know their lives, moreover they also showed us interesting games. But not just for fun. Also, so that we could see the things that ease or complicate their everyday lives.”

A peak from a form master’s letter:

I would like to share a story with you. One of the students was quite reluctant of this training (this student usually does not like to participate in community programs), and indicated that would not like to come to this class. I told this kid that it was his choice. I did not want to push him. After all he came into class anyway (I guess it was because of his friends). So after the program this child asked us whose idea it was to invite the organization, because it was so good and he really liked it. These type of manifestations (opening ups) are very rare, that is why I was glad to hear it. So thank you!

A peak of one of the co-workers of our workplace training:

First of all I would like to thank you for coming to us and that we could get introduced to the sensitizing training. It was AWESOME! Considering all the feedbacks everyone was amazed and they are also very grateful that you were so open-minded.”

A peak of a kindergarten teacher’s message:

It was not in vain that we were looking forward to meeting with the “TEAM” in the kindergarten, since the day we got to know that they were coming. We knew that it will be a remarkable meeting, because the children will experience something which will shape their approach. …It is hardly possible to put into words their joy, which was carried out by YOU and YOUR PARTNERS with their HELPERS.
THANK YOU for the insight opportunity!
THANK YOU for taking on the encumbers of travelling!
THANK YOU for the pleasant conversation!
THANK YOU for the fact that us, adults have been filled up with energy because of you!

Drawings of the kindergarteners:

Writings of students:
When school-marm Eszti told us that there will be a presentation I instantly became curious. Therefore, I applied saying that I would like to come. I was hoping that there will be dogs as well. When we went inside it turned out that after all three dogs came. We were divided into groups. The presentation was held by the owners. Everyone talked a little bit about their disabilities, but importantly, they did not only mention the negative side of it. They also talked about the special and extreme sports that they were involved in. Although I never held aloof from people with disadvantages, this presentation shaped my opinion as well. We got to know about interesting and new things. After the presentation they showed us several video recordings of the training of the dogs and how they can help their owners. I really liked this program” (Gergő, 8th grade).

I really liked this afternoon program. We talked about a lot of interesting things, which we never really heard about before. They showed us the ways in which dogs help their disabled or hearing impaired owners. They told us interesting stories which captured my attention. Many people look at people with disabilities differently, even though they are the same people as us. They need assistance when they want to cross the street. Dogs can help hearing impaired individuals as well. They signal when the phone rings or if someone rings the doorbell. We watched a little film about this. My opinion has changed in several ways about them. I really liked the whole program, it made me more open-minded. I would have spent more time with them and with their clever dogs” (Kata, 7th grade).

I was taken aback from the fact that disabled people can play tennis, table-tennis and basketball. For hearing impaired individuals, the doorbell signals when someone rings the bell. The thing that I liked the most was when we played with Joya and talked about the ways in which disabled people can do sports as well” (András, 6th grade).

My favourite was Joya. It accomplished all of the tasks cleverly. I wish the program was longer because I really liked it. I hope that there will be another time when they visit us with the same dogs” (Roland, 6th grade).

This program was very edifying for me. I learned the ways in which I can help disabled people. I really liked it and have learned a lot from it. From this moment I am not going to stand on the so-called “blind-pathway”. I will take notice of hearing impaired individuals and will talk slowly and clearly. I will make sure that I do not stand in the way of people in wheelchairs. If someone is walking with a white cane I will help them cross the street if they let me. It makes me glad when I see disabled people laugh or smile. Thank you for this emotional and edifying morning” (Mária, 6th grade).

The program was really good and I realized that dogs can help people in wheelchairs and other handicapped individuals. They pick up anything from the ground, even a coin with their teeth. They switch the lights on and off if needed, and can open the door which is a huge help for disabled people. If someone rings the doorbell they can give signals to their hearing impaired owners. I did not even know that hearing impaired individuals can understand what we are saying. I met with a hearing impaired lady who could lip-read, therefore she understood the things we said. There was also a lady in a wheelchair, and there was a trace on her dog, which had a pocket on it and there were cards in it with tasks on them and everyone could choose one. These tasks were carried out by the dog. I really enjoyed the program, and learned a lot from it” (Detti, 6th grade).

I participated in a really joyful program. We got to know hearing- and visually impaired individuals as well as people with other disabilities. First of all, a disabled individual asked us that what kind of sports do we think they can carry out, for example whether they can or can not do fencing or ride a bike. After this, a visually impaired person asked us that why we think that the red pathway – which can be seen on pathways or in hospitals – is important. We thought that they can feel the lumps on it with their feet, but no. As it turned out, they can follow the pathway with a white cane. After that a hearing impaired individual told us that if she can not hear us, we should not over-articulate what we are saying, because they do not understand with hearing aids but with lip-reading. Finally, we were introduced to a disabled person. He/she showed us how clever a dog can be. We hid a bag full of dog food and the dog found it. I also memorized the name of the dogs: Cooper, T, Doni, Kuku and Joya” (Bence, 6th grade).

My relative is also a handicapped individual but he/she can love more than a healthy person. Disabled individuals do not favour with anyone, they find the best in everyone. Instead of pitying these people, I admire them! I could not live through what they have to if I think about the amount of verbal offense that they have to deal with every day! They have enough problems, I would not like to make their life even more difficult. We should respect these people! (Frida, 6th grade)
Some of our successful projects
The members of the NEO Hungarian Service dog Organization – with the help of their service dogs –have demonstrated their everyday life to seven thousand children and adults in several parts of the country in only a couple of months in their NCTA project. Several fantastic videos were recorded on our trainings, which reflect the atmosphere of the programs.

Dear applicants, promoters! This is a teaser: we welcome all the similarly up to par and exciting documentations!