Nursery Schools

Our nursery school mind-shaping
We organize the visit of nursery school groups by our handicapped owners and their assistance dogs. The aim of our nursery school activity is not only helping the integration of people living with disability but also the development of the children’s social competence.
Considering the particularities that come with age we focus on the following:
-interactive assistance dog-show
-what kind of sports can be played together (agility, frisbee, ball)
-showing interesting tricks with the dogs (give paw, turning, reversing, bark when signed)
-playful experience session: feeding, petting, walking the dogs (how should one behave with an assistance dog), hiding a toy – dog-search
Reasons for choosing the particular form:

Based on our experience nursery school children are the most open-minded, they have the courage to ask and their interest is honest. Most of the times the parents, acting upon partial information or out of compassion, avoid the interaction with disabled people. So we have concluded that a nursery school program would be the best to spread the notion of tolerance.

Our program locations:

2013.11.18.  Visszhang Óvoda, Tihany

2014.01.30.  Arany János Óvoda, Eperjeske

2014.01.30.  Gyermekkert Óvoda, Mándok

2014.01.31.  Bethlen Gábor Óvoda, Nyíregyháza