An important aim of our project is to universalize tolerance and the concept of equal opportunities, to pass our programs towards more people, and also to popularize service dogs. In the following section, we have collected the publications, radio- and video recordings which came up in the course of our project.

1. Sensitizing trainings

We were accompanied to the Vasadi Primary School by


2. Our shows

We were on Sziget Festival as well! Service dogs on Civil Sziget (2013.08.11.) the NEO Hungarian Service dog Organization’s dog show on Sziget Festival (2013.08.10) Sziget Festival 2013: service dogs on the event (2013.08.08.)

RTL Klub News: the Festival’s participants are introduced to service dogs (from 1:25) (2013.08.09.)

On the Car-free Day in Pécs, those interested had a chance to ask questions about the work of hearing dogs and how service dogs can help in transport

Kossuth Radio: Körmöczy Zsuzsanna, the Közelről programme’s reporter made a report on our program (2013.09.23.)

On an event called Acceptance – Day in Mosonmagyaróvár, we were asked to do a presentation

OXYGEN NEWSAGENCY: Acceptance – Day (2013.09.27.) (In the video, our Organization is from 1:24)

On Animal world day, our dogs performed in the Rex dog home

The recording of MTV News can be seen on this link, from 26:49 (2013.10.05.)

3. Our disabled sportsmen

Mányik Richárd and Cooper on MTV’s programme called Esély, from 13:16 (with silent language and subtitles) (2013.08.16.)

Mali Erika and Joya on MTV’s programme called Esély, from 21:20 (with silent language and subtitles) (2013.08.23.)