Monthly archives "May 2014"

Our project was successful

Our project, which was supported by the Norwegian Civil Support Fund, has successfully ended, which helped us to reach to approximately 6590 children and adults. The dogs, trained by the NEO Hungarian Service dog Organization not only ease their disabled owner’s lives, but they also help in our program carried out in kindergartens, schools, different workplaces and events which shapes people’s opinion on society. Thanks to this support, in only a couple of months we have reached to several places in the countryside and have met with success among participants with our special range of programs. One of the project’s goal was to demonstrate the everyday life of disabled people through an informative program carried out by our hearing/visually impaired or disabled members with the help of their service dogs. The presence of the dogs helped to maintain a more open atmosphere, in which it was easier to have a conversation about what it is like to be handicapped, and the question of equal opportunities. Our hearing-, guide-, service- and therapy dogs are all core members of the sensitizing groups! With the help of specially trained dogs, their owner’s tough life can be lived through as a positive experience, which is also important because this topic is usually seen as a taboo in society.