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Sensitizing training: Benedictine Secondary School, Győr

Date: 13th December 2013.
Location: Czuczor Gergely Benedictine Secondary School and College, Győr, Széchenyi square 8-9.
Our last sensitizing training of the year was held in a festive mood: as we approached the building, we had to pass through the Christmas fair of Széchenyi square in Győr. This occasion was special because of something else as well: this was our Organization’s youngest member, the three months old Mázli’s first performance, who will help its’ owner when it becomes an autism service dog. Mázli met with success among the students.

Our presenters: Mányik Richárd and his service dog Cooper, as well as the Organization’s autism service dog Mázli, Loványi Eszter and her hearing dog Kuku, Mali Era and her therapy dog Joya
Our helpers: Bauer Gyöngyi and Sziklai-Bengyel Nóra